April 18, 2014

April Art Blocks

A bundle of April art blocks....steeped with longing for those endless summer days just 'round the corner. April has such been a tease so far hasn't she? I'll post these art blocks (and a few others) in the shop throughout the day.

April 16, 2014

Starry, Starry Tights

Starry, Starry Tights, mixed media assemblage art doll

And...a close up look at those starry, starry tights :) The attire of this fine lady was inspired by these acrobatic wonders.


“The other dolls sat upon the shelf and looked straight before
them, for it would never do to let grown-up men know that
dolls were really alive.”
― Johnny Gruelle, Raggedy Ann Stories

April 14, 2014

Book Quilt

Finally got around to photographing the book quilt I shared with you last week. This patchwork of frayed book skins represents many different volumes....a French dictionary, children's primers, a physiology textbook, various science books, a guide to insects and a bible story book.

A big thanks to those of you who shopped at my Spring Sale! If you're reading this and missed it I'll plan to keep the coupon code active 'til tonight ;) Coming up this week are two 'wall doll' assemblages and a group of April art blocks.

April 11, 2014

Spring Sale

I took a snapshot of this lone daffodil in our front yard a couple days ago. The next morning one of the neighbor's cats decided to sit on it but at least I got the picture, right?! Anyhow, I'm thinking since it's such a lovely time of year I should have a little shop sale to celebrate:

April 7, 2014

Quilt In Progress

Working with bits of book skin's to create another quilt like the ones I patched together last year. If you follow me on Instagram these are old news ;) It's such fun to have immediate feedback there...like the sage advice to use a thimble while stitching! Check back later this week for the finished quilt.

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